There you can get executables of Voxel World to explore that landscape yourself...
Version 0.51 : , 774kb , Windows executable
For further instuctions see readme.txt (in package). , source code
Anyone is welcome to maintain this project as open source software. Hereby, you have my permission to set up github project page or whatever. The code is released under GPL. My original copyright must remain on the code, however.

Source code dependencies: freepascal, opengl, glut
fpc -Mobjfpc -O3 vwscript.pas
to build command line binary.
fpc -Mobjfpc -O3 vwint_glut.pas
to build interactive viewer using glut.
No makefiles needed. Pascal supports proper modules, and builds everything on demand automatically.

Note: I recommend you to get recent antivirus and always check any binary files downloaded from the web or received by e-mail, to prevent virus spreading and possible data losses, or information leaks.

(C) 2004..2014 Dmytry Lavrov.
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