OpenGL Attractor Viewer
This is an old page. My new program The Polynomial includes all the functionality of Attractor Viewer, and lot more (realtime preview of your modifications, load and save, Linux and OS X native binaries, etc).


Binary for windows (version 2009-01-18-2)

System requirements:

If it does not work, install latest drivers(!). In particular, old ATI drivers have a bug in implementation of framebuffer objects.


(click on image to open full sized version)

Known to work on:

NVidia GeForce 9800 GT, 9800 GTX, 8800 GTX, 5600 GT. ATI Radeon HD 4650 (512 MB), Radeon HD4850 (with latest drivers as of january 2009. Known not to work with old drivers.)
Should work on other cards which arent too old or too low budget.

Linux version:

This works fine under wine (wine-1.1.4 ateast), no noticeable performance drop. In fact, I never tested windows build under real windows, but tested under wine under linux. If you *really* need native Linux package, mail me. Also, I use 64-bit Linux, so my binary is 64-bit.


Its not a simple matter of recompile. Can port to it though, if enough people want it and are willing to pay me enough money so I can buy a mac that has decent graphics card. (And a car. And villa. And a personal jet). Or in other words, I just dont like porting in general and porting to osx in particular.

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