The Galaxy
The Galaxy is a realtime galaxy generator/renderer.
It generates procedural galaxy, renders about 1000 billions stars (1012) in realtime , and handles extremely big scale difference. (galaxy radius is about 60 000 lightyears, and distance between stars is about 4 lightyears, less in core) That was technically interesting goal to achieve - it does not fit into precision limit.. I'm planning to add planets, blackholes, nebulaes, etc - galaxy is only beginning of way...
Newer version, windows executable || Linux version is not avaliable yet.
Older version, windows executable || Linux version is not avaliable yet.
Some images:

The Galaxy by Dmytry Lavrov,

version e^(-c^2) ;)

mouse:press mouse button to turn the camera
arrows : turn;
"a" : accelerate forward.
"s" : accelerate backward.
"*","/" - increase/decrease engine power.

"d","f" : turn around lookat axis
"c" dump camera settings(for debug purproses).
[SPACEBAR] : decelerate.
[TAB] : toggle fullscreen.

F10:reset engine

press "*" together with "s" to see galaxy from the outside - galaxy is extremely big, and you need to move several billions
times faster than light to see galaxy moving!

If you'll tune your engine to be too powerful, or will accelerate too much,
press F10.

Special thanks to:
F Kenton Musgrave, for inspiring me to develop that.

SDL developers and contributors, i used SDL(Simple DirectMedia Layer library) to handle keyboard and mouse input.

Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar, I used UPX to pack executables and dlls.

(C) 2004..2014 Dmytry Lavrov.
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