Pandromeda,Inc. Their landscape renderer are excellent!
Ken Perlin's homepage : about perlin noise.
Alex Champandard Voxel Landscape Renderer.
(and links to Alex's  excellent articles you should read if you want to learn more about voxel landscapes rendering).
some of Alex's articles.
Virtual Terrain Project.

Pascal-related sites:
Free pascal compiler ,of course.
Virtual Pascal Compiler.

ohh....can't remember all,i will do it so-on...
Really many good pascal links ;-)
"Pascal P4 Implementation:a book and sources".

The BNF Web Club.
Sam's laser FAQ.
Paul Bourke's web page(Great site about fractals,3d graphics, and math)
The concurenting company ;-) Space Tethers (read my "space whip" story)
Gabriel Lippmann's world first(100+years old) color photos using light interference in emulsion.
From Pascal to Ada,good tutorial for pascal programmer
Sorting algorithms.
Aerogel, *quite* impressive thing.

IBM Research: "Ponder This" (interesting math puzzles)

Linas Vepstas: Renormalizing the Mandelbrot Escape.(generalization of integer iterations count to reals. Also, it's very interesting website) Directory of classic music freely avaliable for download. Quite nice site. Classical Live Online Radio (list of channels).

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