fractal/ifs game download "fgame.zip"

Images from older programs

colored cellular-automata based thing..

Simulator of phase state change (gas<=>liquid<=>solid) , as speed of molecules grows,simulates crystall melts,then liquid evaporates,then astemperature falls,it condenses back

Gravitation simulator,3D(several stars follows their orbits. Also uses quaternion camera)

Fractal rendered as 3d chart

Interesting waves interference

other interference image

Lorenz attractor

Swarm simulator,3d

simple 2d raytracer

You can get almost all that programs in single zip archive download "programs.zip" . Programs are compiled for DOS and does not works under win2k and winNT. Also many programs lacks user interface because 'em are written for myself...

Relatively new images:

screenshotProcedural texturing...

Volumetric raytracing

Volumetric raytracing 2

Volumetric raytracing 3

OpenGL 'point sprite' extensions test, Lorenz attractor. Avaliable downloads:
older executable (Windows)   newer executable (Windows)(place newer into same folder as old)
sources (C++)

3D wave simulation (1)

3D wave simulation (2)

3D wave simulation (3)

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