News for MojoWorld 3 Professional users:
Free volumetrics beta 0.9 has been released! It has full clouds support and lot of other enhancements. To keep feature list short: It can render images like those you seen in my gallery (except the erosion fractal ones; erosion fractal is still in-development) Packaged with readme, parameters reference, and few sample world files.

For non-users: You can download free MojoWorld 3.1 demo and try it out.

More explanations in the readme in package.

Plugin Requirements:

To use Volumetrics you need MojoWorld 3 (preferably Professional) with 3.1.1 update installed, or free demo version.
Registered users can get the update from My Downloads page. If you have not registered on Pandromeda and have no access to forums yet, it's time to register, at least to get updates, tech support and benefit from information posted on forums. Volumetrics is complicated software; you will need access to official forums and technical support. By buying MojoWorld you are supporting Pandromeda and development of new features and enhancements.



Volumetrics publics beta 0.901 package[0.9 with minor improvements] (for Mac and PC) Package contains plugin binaries for both Mac and PC, readme and few sample world files. Be sure to extract archive preserving the folders structure. IMPORTANT: open readme.html prior to installation.
Note: to load sample world files supplied in Volumetrics package, you will need to download dlfunctions (from this page, see below), and XenoArch Plug-in Bundle from downloads (you need to login.) or from Bernard's plugin download page

(By the way: This version of volumetrics is provided for free, but 1.0 will have some pricing)
Additional information:
Isosurface landscape tutorial(in progress).

DLfunctions (the package with my functions):

Platform PC, MojoWorld Version 3.0, 3.1 : Compass heading, Curve3, Global UVpos, Hexagonal lattice, Leapfrog fractal, Vector to color, W Distortion, MultiBlend, Scale vertical feature size, Twister.

Platform Macintosh, MojoWorld Version 3.0, 3.1 :
mac_3_0_dlfunctions-2006-03-21-1.sit Compass heading, Curve3, Global UVpos, Hexagonal lattice, Leapfrog fractal, Vector to color, W Distortion, MultiBlend, Scale vertical feature size, Twister.

Platform PC, MojoWorld Version 2.0 :
2_0_dlfunctions.dll curve3, Hexagonal lattice.

Plugin installation instructions:

Exit MojoWorld.
Unpack the package and place the DLL file into MojoWorld's plugins folder. (On windows, it is usually in c:\program files\pandromeda\mojoworld3\plugins)
If during loading you have "ID clash" warning, it could be caused by newer plugin having different DLL name and new plugin version conflicting with old one. You may need to delete dl_hexagon.dll (or similarly named file, it's very old version of my functions plugin, back in the days when it contained only hexlattice) and then restart mojoworld again.

If you have trouple using some MJW files, try downloading newest versions of plugins from this page.

Note for users: please, post questions about installation or usage of the plugins on the forums in the Volumetrics section. If you are user of mojoworld and contact me via email, i will refer you to forum. You can ask me in mojovox when I'm logged in, tho most of time I am busy (so it could be better to post on forum.) Best time is 18:00 .. 20:00 G.M.T.
(Above doesn't apply to non-users who want to buy mojoworld, if you have questions you can ask me by email.)

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