Hello everyone,
It's Dmytry Lavrov's personal web site. It mostly contains my artwork and some software projects. Click on the thumbnails on top to quickly navigate to graphical pages.
About me: I enjoy mathematics, computer graphics, sciences, biking, programming, juggling (currently can juggle up to 4 balls), photographing, and things like that.
There's my blog where you can read rants about stuff that annoys me and see updates (comments are welcome).

Current project:

sample Polynomial screenshot
The Polynomial: A 3D video game with mathematically generated scenery, combined with easy-to-use editor that you can use to create stunning artwork.


I do contract work in special effects industry, see top of this page for couple examples of use of my software in TV ads. I also work as programmer.
I have experience in 3D software development (both with non-realtime software rendering and realtime hardware/OpenGL rendering), image processing, user interfaces (C++ , Python: wxWidgets, Java: Swing), network programming, concurrent/multithreaded programming, web programming (Python, CherryPy, Cheetah, Javascript, Java Applets), multi-platform application development with C++ (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X), databases (SQL, Posgres), some physics programming (custom engines, Newton SDK).
My primary programming language is C++, though I sometimes work with Java and Python. My first serious programming language was Pascal.

Currently, I'm mostly using Linux, both for job and personal work. I also have Intel-based Mac Mini, which I use for porting software to Mac OSX. I run Windows in virtualbox for windows-specific development.

Other things:

Sample mojoworld+volumetrics render
Volumetrics 3D clouds renderer, video and still gallery.

Sample voxelworld render
Voxel World - my old terrain renderer from 2004.

I posted that idea to SUCCESS student contest organized by European Space Agency, and visited Cologne (Koln) :-)

Mathematical art...
In some sense, VoxelWorld is a "math art" too....

Miscellaneous stuff:
waves interference animation fractal rendered as 3D chart gravity simulator int(x=0,1,|sin(x^x/a+b)|*dx) => sample output of formula converter
Alternative spellings of my name in Latin (for search engines):
Dmytry Lavrov, Dmytri Lavrov, Dmytriy Lavrov, Dmitry Lavrov, Dmitri Lavrov, Dmitriy Lavrov, Dimytry Lavrov, Dimytri Lavrov, Dimytriy Lavrov, Dimitry Lavrov, Dimitri Lavrov, Dimitriy Lavrov, Dymytry Lavrov, Dymytri Lavrov, Dymytriy Lavrov, Dymitry Lavrov, Dymitri Lavrov, Dymitriy Lavrov.
(made from D[|i|y]m[y|i]tr[y|i|iy] with a pattern expander)

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